IIn early 2021, we got back to the interviews starting with architect Alexandra Gesta. Alexandra shared her personal, academic (ESBAP) and professional path as a technician and later president of the Guimarães City Council, the city where she did most of her work. We highlight the restoration project of the Historic Center of Guimarães, lasting over 25 years, culminating in its classification as Humanity’s Cultural Heritage in 2001. We also think it is important to mention that, before graduating, Alexandra joined the SAAL team (Local Support Ambulatory Service). In 2017, Alexandra Gesta was elected president of the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) (2017-2019) and President of the National Disciplinary Council of the Ordem dos Arquitetos.

We thank architect Alexandra Gesta for her generosity and the time she spared for this interview. We hope to meet each other soon!