On October 10, 2021, we participated in the talk Love: Caring for the Caregiver of Festival Iminente, a Portuguese festival of “urban culture”: “This talk will present cases of the struggle for freedom in all our spaces, focusing on subaltern spaces, those spaces produced by us but which we want to tear down because they limit our ability to meet, to see beyond. We will discuss practices of love, often improvised, daily revolutionary actions, in the city and the body, in all the spaces we inhabit.”

António Brito Guterres (Aga Khan Foundation), Piny (performer) and Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (W@ARCH.PT researcher) were invited to participate in the conversation. The moderation was done by Catarina Carvalho.

Video recording available: https://www.rtp.pt/play/palco/p9421/festival-iminente-2021-talk-amor-cuidar-de-quem-cuida