Editing Wikipedia pages with Wiki Editoras Lx | session 5

The 5th session of collective editing of Wikipedia entries was special! The Wiki Editoras Lx group celebrated its 1st anniversary and has many editions, translations, frustrations, problem solving and joy. May it be a new year full of many new creations!

Because who is not mentioned, does not exist!

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Library: new books available for consultation

One of the objectives of the research project W@ARCH.PT is the creation of a library specialized in studies on women and feminist and gender studies in architecture and urbanism. New reference works have arrived! If you need any information or request for consultation, you can contact us directly.


Doris Cole (1973), "From Tipi to Skyscraper: A History of Women in Architecture" and Susana Torre (1977), "Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective" (Publication and Exhibition Organized by the Architectural League of New York).