Interview with the architect Elisabeth Évora Nunes

The intense week ends with an interview with the architect and teacher Elisabeth Évora Nunes, on July 17, 2020. We have heard detailed descriptions of the various spheres of personal, academic (ESBAL) and professional life.

We thank the architect Elisabeth for the interview. We hope to meet soon!

Interview with the architect Sílvia de Carvalho Sá Dantas

At the end of a very hot summer day, on July 16, 2020, we interviewed the teacher and architect Sílvia de Carvalho Sá Dantas. We heard about her personal, academic (ESBAP) and professional path, dedicated to the practice of architectural design with her husband and above all to the passion and teaching of Drawing.

We thank the architect Sílvia for kindly welcoming us to her home and her daughter, the architect Graça Sá Dantas, for the availability and monitoring of the interview. We hope to meet soon!

“They [women architects] existed”, but with “strange destinies”: the motivations of the W@ARCH.PT project at Público P3

“They [women architects] existed”, but with “strange paths”. How do you (re)write feminine architecture in Portuguese history?
They started by discovering “the drawing” and struggled not to be treated by “architect ladies”*. The history of women in architecture is made up of conquests, attempts and “strange destinies”. And there are those who fight to stop being invisible. »

The research project W@ARCH.PT and the history of women architects in Portugal was published in the newspaper Público - P3.

Through the writing of journalist Andreia Friaças, to whom we thank for the interest and work, this investigation is made visible and launched a request for broader support: identify women architects or architecture students, who may be part of the project. We want to interview you and listen to you, ladies!


Interview with the architect Teresa Assoreira Almendra

On July 15, 2020, we received at ISCSP the architect Teresa Assoreira Almendra. We talked about her long and intense professional career dedicated to the practice of architectural design, from her own studio with work built in different countries.

We thank architect Teresa for her generosity and availability. We hope to meet soon!

Interview with the architect Teresa Valsassina Heitor

On July 14, 2020, we started an intense week of interviews, with all precautions and security measures.

We interviewed the architect and teacher Teresa Valsassina Heitor in her office at Instituto Superior Técnico, a school that gave her the position of Full Professor. We talked about the fact of being the first woman graduated in architecture with this title and on their educational and professional background. Kindly, she-also gave us lots of clues about other women architects.

We thank architect Teresa for her generosity and the bridges created. We hope to meet soon!

Thesis on the architect Maria José Marques da Silva, by Filipa Carvalho (darq-UC)

Yesterday, the student of the Master in Architecture of the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the University of Coimbra, Filipa Reis de Carvalho, presented the final dissertation entitled "Maria José Marques da Silva. A Pioneer Woman Architect in Portugal / Maria José Marques da Silva. Uma Arquiteta Pioneira em Portugal".

Under the guidance of the ProfessorNuno Pedroso Correia and the coguidance of the Professor Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, she developed a pertinent investigation about the Portuguese architect Maria José Marques da Silva (1914-1994).

Many congratulations to Filipa Carvalho for her successful research and for her contribution to the writing of the History of Women in Architecture!