"Women's History Week" at ISCTE

Between 26 and 20 October 2020, organized by Nucleus of Students of Modern and Contemporary History (NEHMC) of ISCTE- University Institute of Lisbon, the cycle of online conferences "Women's History Week" took place. We listened carefully to all the speakers and we highlighted the presence of the research project consultant W@ARCH.PT, Irene Pimentel, who spoke about "Women in Estado Novo".

Congratulations to the students for the event!

Roundtable "Gender and Design Education", University of Copenhagen

Today we participated as listeners at the round table "Gender and Design Education", promoted by the University of Copenhagen, with Tanja Jordan (project Female Forces, 2007-2010) and Catharina Nolin (Professor of Art History at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University). This event took place as part of the research project "Women in Danish Architecture. A new history of gender and practice", coordinated by Svava Riesto e Henriette Steiner.

W@ARCH.PT in the presentation of ISCSP Research Centers

ISCSP-University of Lisbon hosted today a presentation session of the CAPP Research Center (Center for Administration and Public Policy) and CIEG (Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies) and its research projects, aimed at ISCSP doctoral and masters students. The W@ARCH.PT project was presented by the coordinator Patrícia Santos Pedrosa.

Nuestras Arquitectas (Our Women Architects): call for Photography Competition

To mark 25 November 2020, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Nuestras Arquitectas (Our Women Architects) launch a Photgraphy Competition for works by women architetcts..
Deadline for submission: November 20, 2020
Organization: Inês Moisset (Un día | Una arquitecta), Carolina Quiroga (Lina Plataforma), Verônica Benedet (Arquitetas Euskadi) and Eva Alvarez Isidro (YesWePlan!).
Jury: acqua Mercé (Argentina), Vanessa Vielma (ArchDaily México), Atxu Amann (UPM, Spain), Olatz Ocerin (ETSA de San Sebastian, Spain), Patricia Santos Pedrosa (Univeristy of Lisbon -Mulheres na Arquitectura, Portugal), Patrizia Montini (IUAV, Italy), Solidão Larraín (Chile).

"Women in Architecture" documentary (2019)

Integrated into FEMCITY program, curated by Caviar.Archi and produced by Les Délires Productions, the "Women in Architecture" documentary (2019) it is available for online viewing. With the participation of Andrea Leers, Jane Weinzapfel, Francesca Perani, Imma Jansana, Eliana Perotti, Lori Brown, Fluvia Fagotto, Patricia Santos Pedrosa, Stéphanie Bouysse-Mesnage, Caterina Franchini and Liz Walder.

Participacion in the Colloquim DMA, Housing, Pandemic, Research

On the 23rd of October at the headquarters of the Ordem dos Arquitectos, the coordinator of the W@ARCH.PT project, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, will participate in the "Colloquim DMA, Housing, Pandemic, Research" organized by the OA National Directive Board. The "Research" panel will be moderated by Jorge Figueira (OA) and participated by Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (UBI / W@ARCH.PT), Gonçalo Canto Moniz (CES / URBINAT) and Ricardo Agarez (UE / ERC).

"Urbanism with a Gender Perspective", a session of Corações com Coroa

As part of the "Cidade que abraça" (City that embraces) cycle, the association Corações com Coroa dedicated a session to the theme "Urbanism with Gender Perspective". The virtual conversation was moderated by Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, with Adriana Souza (Brazil) and Blanca Valdivia Gutiérrez (Col-Lectiu Punt6 de Barcelona). This project results from a partnership with Coletivo Zebra, Inland Norway University of Life Sciences, Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics and Corações Com Coroa, and is part of the project “Co-Lab Walk My City Free”. The project is co-financed by the EEA Grants, through its bilateral relations fund.

Vídeo of the Summer School "Cities and Gender"

Between September 18th and 20th, 2019, in Lisbon, the Summer School “Cities and Gender: Perspectives and Strategies” allowed us to talk, walk and discuss, collectively, about Cities and Gender. The three intense days were accompanied by national and international experts and an enthusiastic group of participants!
The final vídeo summarizes a little of what happened and what we were!
We thank all the people and institutions involved.

Organization | Mulheres na Arquitectura, W@ARCH.PT and Um Género de Escola! (MA, BIP/ZIP)
Funding | CIG – Portuguese Government Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology and Programa BIP/ZIP Lisboa
Support | Lisbon City Council, CIUL - Lisbon Urban Information Center and CIEG – Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (ISCSP-ULisboa)
Direction and Prodution of the vídeo | José Nuno Pereira and María Contreras

Online cycle of conversations | Session 1. Histories of Women in Arts, Design and Architecture

The pandemic situation forced us to rethink and reschedule events. We created a cycle of virtual conversations in order to reflect on the History of Women. The lack of physical presence was mitigated by the possibility of inviting researchers from other geographic locations.

The first session, dedicated to "Histories of Mulheres in Arts, Design and Architecture" and moderated by Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, was broadcast live on the Facebook of the project and very attended by the public.


Thank you so much, Emília Ferreira, Lia Gil Antunes, Maria Helena Souto, Paula Monteiro and Silvana Rubino (São Paulo, Brazil)!

Editing Wikipedia pages with Wiki Editoras Lx | session 5

The 5th session of collective editing of Wikipedia entries was special! The Wiki Editoras Lx group celebrated its 1st anniversary and has many editions, translations, frustrations, problem solving and joy. May it be a new year full of many new creations!

Because who is not mentioned, does not exist!

*Image by Wiki Editoras Lx