Roundtable: Affordable housing, promotion and production

In May 2022, Roca Lisboa Gallery received the theme "Affordable housing, promotion and production. Reflections from the Portuguese context", inserted in one of the topics stipulated in the International Forum UIA 2022: "Barrier 05: Promotion and Production".

The guest speakers were: Filipa Roseta, architect and councillor for Housing and Local Development (Lisbon City Council), Luís Mendes, geographer (Center for Geographical Studies, IGOT, ULisboa), and Sandra Marques Pereira, sociologist and researcher (Dinamia'CET, ISCTE). T Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, architect, researcher (CIEG, ISCSP, ULisboa), and professor (University of Beira Interior), was the curator and moderator of the roundtable.

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Research Stay at IAWA, Virginia Tech

W@ARCH.PT researcher and project leader Patrícia Santos Pedrosa did a research stay at Virginia Tech. The purpose of this stay was to consult the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) in search of information about Portuguese women architects of the 20th century. The visit was very pertinent to the ongoing research.

We thank Virginia Tech and IAWA for having us!

Lecture by researcher Natália Fávero

In April 2022, our junior researcher Natália Fávero was invited to give a lecture in the Architecture Design IV class at Architecture, in Universidade da Beira Interior, about the investigation of her master's thesis entitled: "The Condition of Women in the Public Space: - Territories of Comfort and Discomfort in Contemporary Urbanity".

PDF document of the dissertation is available for download at:

Interview with architect Luísa Pacheco Marques

In April 2022, we visited the architect Luísa Pacheco Marques at her studio in Chiado, where we could interview her about her professional life and work. This interview was conducted in the context of the documentary Linha a Linha: Histórias de arquitectas lisboetas (Line by Line: Lisbon architects’ stories), by the director María Contreras, in partnership with W@ARCH.PT.

We thank the architect Luísa Pacheco Marques for her generosity and for the time she dedicated to this interview. We hope to meet each other soon!

Women Architects Collection's Working Meeting

In April 2022, we had the first work meeting for the Arquitetas Portuguesas book collection! The collection will consist of ten volumes,  thematic or monographic, with a release date scheduled for this autumn through the Público newspaper.

The introductory text explains: "Currently, Portuguese women architects represent about half of the professionals enrolled in the Portuguese Ordem dos Arquitectos. This number's growth has not directly impacted the recognition of women architects and their work. The dissemination of Portuguese women architects and their works is essential to combat this situation. This collection, with ten books, aims to contribute to the knowledge and recognition of national women architects and their contributions to the history of architecture and increase general knowledge about Portuguese architecture."

The collection is coordinated by researchers Patrícia Santos Pedrosa and Natália Fávero, graphic design is being handled by designer Joana Tomé from Math is Good, and the publisher is Coral Books, from Porto, with work by Ricardo Afonso. The authors of the collection are: Joana Roxo, Helena Souto, João Paulo Martins, Ana Vaz Milheiro, Lia Gil Antunes, Cátia Ramos, Maria Pinheiro, Célia Gomes, João Paulo Delgado, Maria João Matos, Nadine Lessa, Rita Ochoa, Catarina Madruga, Jorge Figueira, Carolina Coelho, Eliana Sousa Santos, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa and Natália Fávero.

2022 IAWA Symposium

In March 2022, Lia Gil Antunes (former researcher in the W@ARCH.PT project) and Cátia Ramos, researchers and PhD students at the University of Coimbra went to the 2022 IAWA Symposium to present “A Portuguese architect committed with her time: Maria José Abrunhosa de Castro, the SAAL housing process and the city of Guarda”

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Conference: From historical justice to everyday life: architects and their existence

In March of this year, the Principal Investigator of the W@ARCH.PT project, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, was in Coimbra to give the conference “From historical justice to everyday life: architects and their existence”. The event was organised by Professor Carolina Coelho from the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra.

We are grateful for the invitation and to everyone who attended the event!

Roundtable on Eileen Gray | MNAC

In March 2022, we participated in a roundtable at the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Chiado, in Lisbon, about the exhibition 'Eileen Gray, E.1027. Total Art'.

The panel consisted of three guests: Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (architect, professor and researcher (University of Beira Interior and CIEG/ULisboa), Lia Antunes (architect and PhD student) and Eliana Sousa Santos (architect, professor and researcher, CES-UCoimbra).

This initiative was part of the Cycle of lectures, debates, and visits 'Without concessions - modernity in the feminine', organized by Maria Helena Souto, associate professor and researcher, IADE — Universidade Europeia.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event!

What Women? Debate

In March of this year we participated in the debate “What Women?”, within the scope of the exhibition "What? When? Why Not? Portuguese Architecture" at Casa da Arquitectura, in Matosinhos.

The debate was attended by Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (CIEG/ISCSP/UL, UBI), Helena Souto (IADE-UE) and Zaida Muxi (ETSAB-UPC, Spain), moderated by Jorge Figueira and Bruno Gil. The event was opened by Nuno Sampaio, Executive Director of Casa da Arquitectura and Fátima Vieira, President of the Board of Directors of the Marques da Silva Foundation.

Event recording available at:

100 ideas from 100 women

Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, our Responsible Investigator, is one of the 100 women who participated in the Expresso report, 100 Ideas From 100 Women. As the journalist says, women "are the majority of the population, but they are often not heard. It is time to give them the floor. In an unprecedented initiative, 100 women present 100 ideas for the country, which they want to see enrolled in the [Portuguese] Government Program."

Responsable journalists: Christiana Martins and Joana Pereira Basto.

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