Debate on the city, women and inequalities

In January 2022, we participated in the debate "A city for women that combats gender imbalance" of the Público newspaper's "Conversas Urbanas" debate cycle, with the following motto for reflection:

"What about a women's city, and how do you fight gender imbalance? A conversation about public space and its design, safety, accessibility and everything that makes the city more or less feminist, more or less inclusive."

The guests for the debate were Alícia Medeiros, co-founder of Colectivo MAAD - Mulheres Arte Arquitectura & Design, Lia Ferreira, architect, member of the Office of the Secretary of State for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities and former Ombudsman for Citizens with Disabilities, at the Porto Chamber, and Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, architect, researcher and coordinator of the W@ARCH.PT - Arquitectas em Portugal project. David Pontes, Publicos's assistant director, moderated the event.

We want to thank everyone who came and watched!

Recording of the debate is available at:

Session in the PhD in Gender Studies: “From Absence to Dispersion: Relevance and strategies for the construction of the stories (ou histories?) of the women architects”

In January 2022, our Principal Investigator, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, was invited to give a session on the PhD in Gender Studies at the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, University of Lisbon, on the theme “From Absence to Dispersion: Relevance and strategies for the construction of the stories of women architects”. The presentation was made for the Curricular Unit of Seminar IV, coordinated by Anália Torres.

We appreciate the invitation and everyone who attended!

Interview with architect Ana Salta

In December 2021, we interviewed the architect Ana Salta about her personal and professional life as an architect. We think it is important to highlight that Ana Salta was part of the SAAL process (Local Support Ambulatory Service). This interview was made in the context of the documentary Linha a Linha: Histórias de arquitectas lisboetas (Line by Line: Lisbon architects' stories), by the director María Contreras, in partnership with W@ARCH.PT.

We thank the architect Ana Salta for her generosity and the time she dedicated to this interview. We hope to meet you soon!

Interview: Cities and Women's Rights

In December 2021, the Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights (PpDM) interviewed Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, our Responsible Investigator, on the topic "Cities and Women's Rights" and the power relations between women and men. in urban space. The interview is part of "De Viva Voz. For a feminist transformative action", a project promoted by PpDM in partnership with the Philosophy and Gender Center of the SPF, CEMRI of the Open University and Praxis of the University of Évora. With the support of CIG, the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.

We'd like to thank the organizing institutions for the event!

More information at:

What Women? What? When? Why not? Portuguese Architecture Seminar

On the 30th of October 2021 we participated in the international conference What? When? Why not? Portuguese Architecture, to talk about “What Women?”. This cycle of conferences marked the inauguration of the homonymous exhibition on display at the Casa da Arquitectura Gallery until April 24, 2022 and counted on the presence of the project coordinators Jorge Figueira and Bruno Gil, and the researchers Ana Vaz Milheiro, Carlos Machado e Moura, Carolina Coelho, Eliana Sousa Santos, Gonçalo Canto Moniz, José António Bandeirinha, Luís Miguel Correia, Nuno Grande, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa and Rui Lobo who presented their ongoing investigations. The responsible researcher, Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, from W@ARCH.PT participated as a consultant for the EUROPA project.

Full event broadcast available at:

Conference: Architecture, City and Women's Rights

As part of the Commemorations of the Municipal Week for Equality of the Municipality of Montijo, on October 28, the conference on the theme Gender, Environment, Space, and Territories took place at the Municipal Gallery. The event was opened and closed by Clara Silva, the vice-president of the Department of Social Development and Health Promotion of the Municipality of Montijo. Catarina Marcelino, president of the Municipal Assembly and former Secretary of State for Equality, moderated this initiative.

Speakers addressed topics such as Equality in Access to Public Space, presented by Miguel Nascimento – Geographer of the Municipality of Montijo, "Gender, Environment and Territories a new look", shown by Margarida Queirós, associate professor at the IGOT-ULisboa and researcher at the CEG, at the same institution. Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, a researcher at the CIEG-ULisboa and Guest Assistant Professor at the UBI (Architecture), presented the theme "Architecture, the City and Women's Rights".

We thank the Municipality of Montijo for the invitation!

Recording of the event is available at:

“Love: Caring for the Caregiver” Round Table at Iminente Festival

On October 10, 2021, we participated in the talk Love: Caring for the Caregiver of Festival Iminente, a Portuguese festival of “urban culture”: “This talk will present cases of the struggle for freedom in all our spaces, focusing on subaltern spaces, those spaces produced by us but which we want to tear down because they limit our ability to meet, to see beyond. We will discuss practices of love, often improvised, daily revolutionary actions, in the city and the body, in all the spaces we inhabit.”

António Brito Guterres (Aga Khan Foundation), Piny (performer) and Patrícia Santos Pedrosa (W@ARCH.PT researcher) were invited to participate in the conversation. The moderation was done by Catarina Carvalho.

Video recording available:

Patrícia Santos Pedrosa at Algarve International Conferences on Architecture | Order of Architects - SRAlgarve

We were invited to participate in the Algarve International Conferences on Architecture in October 2021 via Zoom, organized by the Ordem dos Arquitectos - SRAlgarve. Researcher Patrícia Santos Pedrosa presented the talk “Equality as a project instrument: Women as doers and citizens” (“Igualdade como instrumento de projecto: Mulheres como fazedoras e cidadãs”).

We want to thank OA-SRAlgarve for the invitation and all the people who participated and watched our presentation!

The complete presentation is available at:

Dissertation on Olga Quintanilha, by Maria João Pinheiro (Deca-UBI)

The undergraduate student of the Integrated Master in Architecture of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering (University of Beira Interior), Maria João Pinheiro, presented in September 2021 the final graduation research entitled "Olga Quintanilha. Um percurso arquitectónico e associativo". ["Olga Quintanilha. An architectural and associative journey"].

Under the guidance of Professor Patrícia Santos Pedrosa, Maria João Pinheiro studied the life and work of the architect Olga Quintanilha (1942-2005), "an unavoidable figure in the context of the profession, in the second half of the 20th century. Olga Quintanilha was the first woman to chair the Association of Portuguese Architects and the first woman president of the Ordem dos Arquitectos, which replaced the first."

Congratulations to Maria João Pinheiro for the successfully carried out research and her contribution to the History of women in Architecture writing!

The document is available here:

Article: «More Justice: A short essay»

Eliana Sousa Santos, researcher at the W@ARCH.PT project, published the article “More Justice: A short essay” in the publication More: Expanding Architecture from a Gender Based Perspective, a collection of articles and conferences presented at the III International Conference on Gender and Architecture, which took place in January 2017 in Florence.

The article is available on our Publications page.